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How to make the best of your Engagement Session

Top 5 tips for your engagement session

things to remember before the date

1- Bring some meaningful items and incorporate them the shoot. Bringing along your ring is a fairly obvious one, but don’t stop there. Bring along presents which you have exchanged or something that is reminiscent of how you met!


If there are things you both enjoy very much such as football, picnics, dogs, cats, anything that is or can be a symbol of your relationship, bring it along so that we can make individual unique images that tell your story.


2- Choose clothing that you’re both comfortable in. Wearing something that is comfortable, flattering and well fitted can make you feel amazing, If you feel good about yourselves, your confidence will shine through.


Select clothing which complements the other’s look. While your outfits don’t have to be matchy-matchy, you should consider what your outfits will look like when standing next to one other: Make sure that the colours and styles of your outfits complement each other.


Make sure that your clothing complements your chosen location. The colours should blend in with the setting or at least create a harmonious feeling.You don’t want to wear a tuxedo at a beach scene just like you wouldn’t want to wear casual shorts in Rome or Paris.


3- Focus on being present and enjoying each other. When the day of the shoot arrives, forget about everything else and just focus on one another. Thats why you’re there. Try to put all pressures and concerns behind you. Just stick to what is real and in front of you – the love which you both have for one another. Just be yourselves and have fun!


We love capturing the natural, endearing little behaviors you exhibit toward each other as a couple: Even if you’re a couple who is not big on PDA’s (public displays of affection) just remember to lighten up, laugh and have fun during the shoot.


4- Don’t worry about the way you will look in the images – that’s our job!


Focus on each other, your love and on being yourselves as that is what gets the best results. “Just be in love and just be YOU!”


You don’t have to be a professional model to get amazing images! We will help you along the way. Enjoy this time, and be ready to flirt throughout your session. Have fun with it!


Although it can be easier said than done, try to relax. Don’t worry about knowing poses and being a model. This moment is all about you two as a couple and the more relaxed you feel, the more genuine the photos will be.



5 - Forget about trying to be perfect or do that cool shot you saw on pinterest, or even trying to pose like some person you saw on a blog. Although these are good guidelines and great inspirations don’t get stuck on it. Relax, have fun and focus on being with the person you love – the result will have you looking your best!

About your wardrobe

  1. Wear Clothes That Make You Feel Like You


If you're strictly a T-shirt and jeans kind of couple, now's not the time to pull out a beaded ball gown and tux. You should feel comfortable in the outfits you choose. You should still look like yourselves, but at your best. Wardrobe choices that are extremely outside your level of comfort will make you look and feel awkward in photos.


   2. Complement Each Other, But Don't Match


Complementing your partner's look is one thing, but matching outfits and patterned prints aren't ideal for portrait sessions. When deciding how you and your partner will dress, look for complementary colors and solid prints. Try to stay away from anything too busy, as it can be an unnecessary distraction in photos.


  3. Choose Pastels, Cool Colors, and Neutral Tones

You'll want to avoid anything neon, lest you'll end up looking like a hot, blinking sign. You don't necessarily want your shirt or skirt to be the focus of your photograph. You want your faces and the love between you to stand out. We suggest wearing pastels, cool hues, or neutrals, then adding a bright accent with your accessories.



  4. Incorporate at Least One Accessory

Accessories, such as a stylish scarf or chunky necklace, can lend oomph to any engagement look. Plus, they're easy to slip on and off, which means you'll be able to style a variety of looks. "Adding in at least one accessory per outfit for the ladies, and wearing layers of clothing for the guys, are two things that photograph well because it adds more visual interest to their looks and, as a result, to the images.


  6. Opt for Classic Rather Than Trendy Looks

You may love that black-and-white maxi dress now, but next year you may only be reminded of a referee when you see yourself in head-to-toe stripes. We always recommend looks that will remain timeless, rather than outfits that could make your images feel dated a few years down the road.



  7. Stick With Two Outfits

Don't fall victim to treating your engagement session as a full-fledged fashion photo shoot. You're going to have a million wedding photos where you're all dolled up and looking gorgeous. These are the pictures where you get to remember who you are at the end of the day when it's only the two of you. Two outfits are more than enough to reflect this in couples, and it ensures you won't spend your entire engagement session in a rush to change into the next set of clothes.



8. Flatter Your Body Type

Clothing looks best when it fits properly and accentuates your assets.

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