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Classical Movements

One of the biggest pleasures of our profession is getting invited to see amazing performances, concerts, festivals. This was an awesome day at the Kennedy Center covering the amazing classical Movements:

"Classical Movements is the premier concert tour company for the world’s great orchestras and choirs, creating meaningful cultural experiences through music in 145 countries. An industry leader for 27 years, we understand both the travel and the performance needs of professional symphonies and choruses, as well as conservatory, university and youth ensembles. Producer of two international choral festivals—Ihlombe! in South Africa and Serenade! in Washington, D.C.—and the Prague Summer Nights: Young Artists Music Festival, through our Eric Daniel Helms New Music Program, we’ve commissioned over 75 works from Grammy, Oscar, Pulitzer and MacArthur-winning composers. Since our founding in 1992, as a truly global enterprise, Classical Movements remains committed to facilitating cultural diplomacy across the world. "

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